Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yumba's Selection

Thank you to Yumba

Ensueños (Fantasia)

"Buenos Aires Tiene Magia": ensuenos
Buenos Aires Tiene Magia: ensuenos

"Maestros": Taquito Militar

"Unicos": Gustavo Naveira & Olga Besio "El Once"

"Mis Queridos": Javier Rodriguez: "80 kilos of tango" -The Last Bandoneón-
Milongera de pista.

"Corazones en los piez": Javier Rodriguez y Geraldine Rojas - La Confiteria Ideal (1)

"2x1... no sé cual es mejor": Geraldine Javier Show part 2 Tangomagia 2002 = Mala Junta

"cuando bailaban geraldine y Javier era un fuego la pista...!"

Geraldine Rojas y Javier Rodriguez - Flor de montserrat-

"Evaristo Carriego por Gavito"

"Tango Negro (Caceres)" Letras de Tango

"Caceres vive en Paris, pero..." Juan Carlos Caceres - "Tango negro"

Tango negro, tango negro
te fuiste sin avisar,
los gringos fueron cambiando
tu manera de bailar.
Tango negro, tango negro,
el amo se fue por mar,
se acabaron los candombes
en el barrio Monserrat.

"Ada Falcon La Joyita Argentina"

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Soul of Tango

Basic Elegant Looking Soul of Tango

To dance the Tango you must feel the music, you and your partner must dance as one body and soul and move with elegance no just executing step patterns.

Always dance with long leg extensions from the hips only.
Reach with a straight leg extended and not with bent knees.
Land on the ball of the foot softly like an airplane lands not like a helicopter landing. And never land with the heel first.
Keep the bodies centered.
Dance at an even level like you are floating on a cloud across the floor –not clomping.
Do not land the foot so that your partner can feel your foot landing on the floor.
Left foot lands facing slightly left (like 11 on the dial of a clock.)
Right foot lands pointing right (like 1 o’ clock.)
When stepping forward extend the legs from inside the thighs and not the knees bent forward.
Try to always dance so that one foot is directly in front of the other (whenever possible.)
Step forward placing the foot centered under your chin – not under the shoulders.
When stepping backward –take long steps from the hip.
When executing ochos, take a long step with the right foot facing 1 o’clock around the right side of your partner (not out of the circle,)
Twisting your hip to the right and return placing your left foot facing 11 o’clock directly in front and center of the man’s body.
Ladies left hand must never use the man’s body to keep a balance.
Gentlemen should never bounce up and down or use the left hand in a like manner.
With your partner, interpret the Tango Music dancing inside its soul.
Stand elegantly erect and try never to look at the floor.

By Gene DeWald.